SUP-Southeast Info
                                                               *SAFETY TIPS*
Since this is Alaska, and not Hawaii, please keep in mind some common-sense safety tips that are important to
having a great time on the water, and by keeping it safe
- Our water IS cold! From the low 40's in Winter, to upper 50's in Summer, be prepared and dress appropriately! This means
a wetsuit or drysuit for most of the year. As you get better and are less likely to fall in, a thinner suit will help keep you from
over-heating, while still guarding against chill if you do get wet. A Hydration pack is invaluable on longer trips with a wetsuit!
- A surf leash is
THE most important piece of safety equipment. It keeps you connected to your board at all times, and
insures that it will be close at hand in case you fall in. The ability to get back on your board as quick as possible minimizes
your exposure to the water.  In rough or windy conditions, your board can, and will drift faster than you can swim, and there
you'll be: with a paddle, but far worse off than the proverbial "up the creek". Please get in the habit of wearing one every time
you go out, and check the connection to the board often.
- Your paddle is your best means of propulsion, so hang on to it at all times! You may be tempted to let go of it when falling
in, but your leash will keep the board close at hand. Do practice prone paddling (laying down), as that will come in handy if
the wind comes up suddenly, and you need to get back to shore.
- Speaking of wind, most people do not realize what a great "sail" your body makes when standing on a board. Paddling into
a headwind stronger than 10 knots can get tiring quickly, so stay close to shore when it is blowing, and be wary of "offshore"
winds. IF you are out and the wind comes up stronger than you can paddle, get down on your knees, as this cuts your wind
resistance in half. If you are still having a tough time making headway, laying down (on your paddle) and paddling with your
hands allows you to move along, even into a strong breeze. Try to practice doing this, so you'll be prepared in case you really
need to some day.
- We also have a very large tidal range here in S.E. Alaska, which can translate to strong currents in our narrow channels.
Learn to read a tide book, and use the currents to your advantage whenever possible!
While the Summer of 2012 and our beautiful Autumn are now past us, there are still many occasions ahead to get out. While
many people have commented that it "looks like a real workout" when they have seen me paddling around, I point out that
stand up is what YOU want it to be. Going out on a windy, S.E. day to play in the whitecaps may not be for everyone, but you
do not have to go "all out", and in calmer conditions, it can be a very leisurely activity. Planning ahead and going
with the
wind can be a great way to cover some distance, and to take in all the scenery and views not available from land.

A large selection of Demo boards are available to try out, and they include the following:
BIC: E-Comp 10'6" & 11'6"; 10'6" Soft-Top, and the 12'6" Ace-Tec Wing.
Naish: Mana 10' Soft-Top; Nalu 11'4" AST; 2011 Glide 12' Carbon; 2011 Glide 14' AST;  2011 Javelin 14' Carbon.

Please call if interested to arrange a demo session: 907-617-2627.
As mentioned on the Paddles page, we now have the Ke Nalu brand of SUP paddles available for sale, and
are honored to be one of the select dealers to share them. To understand more about of what sets them
apart, please use the following link and read more:
Along with the select Naish boards we have in stock, all of the others are available by special order. This includes
the new
Glide and Javelin series for downwind and racing, and others. A great example of this is the board below,
Alana 9'5" model for a customer up in Seward. All prices  are F.O.B., Ketchikan, and we are glad to arrange
for transportation to anywhere in the State. Please call or e-mail for more info and to get a shipping quote.
A few otherlinks:
The Standup Zone is a great source of info on
boards, paddling, and much more. Highly
Naish "how to" videos. They cover the basics
BIC "how to" videos. Even more info on the basics
We are pleased to announce that we are now a dealer for
Sandwich Islands Composites (
S.I.C.), and will be bringing in the
Bullet 11', 12'6' & 14' line-up this Spring!
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22 lbs!