Bic Sport paddle: Super durable, and great value for
money. Perfect for beginner and multi-user/family use.
Features an "Ergo" style handle, Polycarbonate blade,
adjustable aluminium shaft and push pin locking system.
- Length: 67"-83".
- Blade width: 8-5/8".
- Weight: 2lbs, 10.5 Oz.
Price: $99.95 .     
SUP-ATX Carbon Fiber paddle: A nice, entry-level C-F
paddle that is a good choice for general paddling and
touring. It features a tapered shaft,  and light carbon
fiber construction. Comes with a padded blade cover bag
for protection when out of the water. These have "cut to
fit" shafts for handle height, and need to be measured*,
cut & epoxied before use.
- Length: 87" (uncut).
- Blade width: 8-3/4".
- Weight: 28.9 oz.
Price: $145.00
Naish Sport paddle:  Features an adjustable,
Aluminum shaft made from durable T6 alloy, with an
ergonomic "T" style handle, molded blade and push pin
locking system.
- Length: 67"-83".
- Blade width: 8.5".
- Weight: 2 lbs. 7.1 Oz.
Price: $119.00.
* Average "multi-use" paddle height is
about 8" taller than the paddlers
head. A bit shorter for wave riding,
and a bit longer for racing. Board
thickness can also play a role in
establishing the correct length.
Phone: 907-617-2627
We are proud to be a dealer for the Ke Nalu Elite SUP paddles. These have quickly become one of the
paddles of choice by stand-up paddlers around the World, and with good reason: they have the right
combination of strength & flexibility, extreme light weight, and three blade sizes to provide maximum
catch and wobble-free power strokes.
Extensive R&D was put into the designing and testing, which came up with the final blade shapes. Two
different types of construction are used, resulting in shafts with varying amounts of flex. Several
different styles of handles are available to choose from, giving the end user a true "custom" paddle.
There is too much info to share in this small space, so please click on the
KeNalu logo below to go to
our KeNalu page, and/or use the link below it to go to the KeNalu website for more information.
KeNalu Elite SUP paddles