Paddling around Ketchikan
Our area is a beautiful, special place that is ripe with opportunities to see and explore on a
paddleboard. Whether it's a day at the beach with the family, taking a shortcut across a lake
to a new fishing spot, or simply cruising around our local waterways, a paddleboard can be a
great way to experience all of the above and much more.  
Here in Ketchikan did you ever get to the end of the road and wonder, "what's down the
beach, around that next point?" A paddleboard may be just what you've been needing to get
out and see for yourself.
Ketchikan panorama from
Gravina  Island shoreline, April 17,
Just where are we ? Ketchikan is located on Tongass Narrows, which runs in a
Northwest-Southeast direction, with Gravina Island to the West, and Pennock Island which
splits the Southern end of the Narrows into Two Channels, East & West respectively.
Below, West end of town with Deer Mountain in the background.
Below, looking Northwest from East Channel with the USCG base on the right.
Below is a video taken on a beautiful September day in Southeast Alaska, showing
our area at its best!